Héctor Rodríguez is about to graduate as master of Science in Politics, Economics and Philosophy at the University of Hamburg, focusing on energy policy and public institutions.

Héctor holds a degree in International Business from the University of Guadalajara with a focus in Economics, trade agreements and with a broad experience in NAFTA and public institutions. During his bachelor studies he gained experience abroad at the University of Viadrina at Frankfurt an der Oder and actively participated in different organizations as AIESEC, VIA and other local social programs.

Héctor completed in 2012 an internship in the employers' public confederation (COPARMEX) in the area of Economics and environmental studies. From 2012 to 2014 Héctor obtained experience working in different projects specialized in international trade and economics. In this years, Héctor urged the necessity to break the old paradigms of the economic system to decelerate the climate change and realized of the lack of context within environment integration in different fields.

Moreover, his career redirected into the path of sustainability studies and energy policy. Héctor is part of the greenwerk. since 2016 performing as an analyst in the area of Climate Change, he has gained experience working within Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Activities (NAMAs) and in Climate and Energy policy.

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