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2018, March 23rd - 1:37 pm

the greenwerk. continues its support for the Government of Seychelles: The country has entered into a transition process from heavy reliance on fossil fuels towards 100% renewable energy under its Seychelles’ 100% Renewable Energy Strategy (SeyRES 100). the greenwerk. will assist the Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change - Republic of Seychelles (MEECC) in developing a proposal to the GCF under the Simplified Approval Process (SAP) that shall help creating the enabling environment and improve the framework conditions for the implementation of the SeyRES 100. The GCF project is going to support a paradigm shift from diesel-based power generation and fossil fuel driven transportation to renewable energies in the Seychelles and contribute to a sustainable development in the country. Read also our related Policy Brief. #renewables4climate #ClimateAction #ParisAgreement #SIDS #GCF

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2017, December 14th - 6:36 pm

Towards Green Banking in the Philippines - On December 8th, the greenwerk. attended the “2nd National Workshop for Innovative Climate Finance” in Manila, Philippines, hosted by ADFIAP, SERDEF and UN ESCAP. Björn Dransfeld of the greenwerk. presented opportunities of climate and sustainable finance for the domestic banking sector and facilitated an interactive session on the further needs of DFI´s to advance #ClimateFinance in the country. #ClimateAction #GreenBanking

2017, December 12th - 10:44 am

Promoting climate finance in Pakistan - the greenwerk. joined the 20th Sustainable Development Conference of the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) held from 5-7 December in Islamabad, Pakistan. During a session on “Innovative Climate Finance Mechanisms for Financial Institutions”, Björn Dransfeld discussed the need for an integrated strategy of politics and finance for ensuring successful implementation of environment projects. Find more information on

SDPI's Twentieth Sustainable Development Conference 05 - 07 December 2017 Islamabad, Pakistan

2017, November 26th - 1:44 pm

During #COP23, the greenwerk. spoke at the side event “Achieving 100% Renewable Power Supply for Small Island Developing States (#SIDS)”. At the event, international experts discussed the formulation of energy roadmaps for SIDS, how international climate finance can unlock the potential towards 100% renewable energies and presented the Energy Roadmap of the Seychelles on 100% renewable power supply by 2035 developed by the Europa-Universität Flensburg and the greenwerk. Stefan Wehner stated that “the transition towards 100% renewable energy power supply on SIDS requires an individual strategic approach to successfully steer this ambitious transformation. Once current barriers are overcome, a renewable based energy system on the Seychelles will be financially viable and stable, as the country can break free from its high fossil fuel dependency. International support and climate finance are required to kick-start this transition”. Read our related Policy Brief available on our website. All presentations of the event can be accessed on the UNFCCC website. #renewables4climate #ClimateAction

the greenwerk.

2017, November 20th - 8:15 pm

Björn Dransfeld of the greenwerk. contributed to a side event at #COP23 on the role of climate finance for sustainable energy in Small Island Development States (SIDS). He underscored the potential that renewable energy offers for SIDS, and highlighted the relevance of international public climate finance to overcome initial barriers and paving the way for sustainable energy in SIDS. #renewables4climate #ClimateAction

2017, November 10th - 3:50 pm

While climate talks at #COP23 are ongoing, we contributed to the “2nd National Workshop on Innovative Climate Finance Mechanisms for the Financial Institutions in Sri Lanka”, on 7-8 Nov ‘17 in Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte, Sri Lanka. In supporting UN ESCAP and the Centre for Environment and Development, the greenwerk. led technical sessions on innovative climate finance instruments for green banking in Sri Lanka. #renewables4climate #ClimateAction #GreenBanking

2017, November 9th - 1:33 pm

More and more SIDS aim at a complete transition to renewable energy sources. Hence, comprehensive energy roadmaps towards 100% renewable energies are needed, supplemented with a financing strategy. Read our Policy Brief on how international climate finance can unlock the potential towards 100% renewable energies… showcasing the Energy Roadmap of the Seychelles. Visit the related side event at #COP23. #renewables4climate #ClimateAction #ParisAgreement #SIDS

Policy Brief 11/2017 - Achieving 100% Renewable Energies for Small Island Developing States | the greenwerk. | climate advisory network

How climate finance can accelerate the transition towards 100% renewable energies on island states like the seychelles

2017, November 7th - 11:14 am

meet the greenwerk. at #COP23 in Bonn

the greenwerk.​ at #COP23

2017, November 6th - 2:50 pm

Follow-up on #COP23 negotiations: If you are interested in latest developments regarding #adaptation finance or #transparency of support received, consult our guidance fact sheets – developed with partners from #Climate Finance Advisory Service ( #ParisAgreement #CFAS #LDCs #SIDS

2017, November 3rd - 1:22 pm

The UN climate conference #COP23 in Bonn is in the starting blocks. #thegreenwerk will be present; come and meet us in the exhibition area or at our side event activities. #renewables4climate #ClimateAction

2017, October 20th - 10:03 am

the greenwerk. is now member of the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN). The #CTCN promotes the accelerated transfer of environmentally sound technologies for low carbon and climate resilient development at the request of developing countries. We provide technology solutions, capacity building and advice on policy, legal and regulatory frameworks tailored to the needs of individual countries. Please visit our profile here:

2017, September 20th - 11:46 am

Das wichtigste Wahlkampfthema kommt leider zu kurz #bundestagswahl2017 #machdeinkreuz #BTW2017

Klimawandel: Wir schweigen uns zu Tode

Der Klimawandel sei zu fern und abstrakt für den Wahlkampf, heißt es. Das ist grundfalsch. Beim dringendsten Thema unserer Zeit versagen Medien und Politik.

2017, August 8th - 9:43 am

According to article 28 of the #ParisAgreement, the US must stay in the pact until at least 2019. Sufficient time for a political change. #ParisAgreementPullOut

UN officially notified of US intention to withdraw from Paris climate pact

United Nations Secretary-General today received a notification from the delegation of the United States expressing the country's intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change as soon as it is eligible to do so

2017, July 10th - 9:17 am

Post #G20 is pre #ClimateAction: #G19's #Climate and #EnergyActionPlan for Growth reinforces the #ParisAgreement and #NDC commitments.

Climate and Energy Action for Growth Photo:Bundesregierung/Bergmann

2017, June 17th - 1:12 pm

the greenwerk.'s cover photo

2017, June 9th - 3:35 pm

Dagegen kann auch Trump nix machen: "Renewables are becoming the least cost option. Recent deals in Denmark, Egypt, India, Mexico, Peru and the United Arab Emirates saw renewable electricity being delivered at USD 0.05 per kilowatt-hour or less. This is well below equivalent costs for fossil fuel and nuclear generating capacity in each of these countries. Winners of two recent auctions for offshore wind in Germany have done so relying only on the wholesale price of power without the need for government support, demonstrating that renewables can be the least cost option."



2017, June 7th - 12:55 pm

"China, European countries and individual US states would fill the gap left by the [US] federal government’s decision to abdicate leadership"

China and California sign deal to work on climate change without Trump

Governor Jerry Brown says president’s decision to pull the US out of the Paris agreement will be only a temporary setback

2017, June 6th - 9:03 am

Let's commonly react on #ParisAgreementPullOut: "Ironically, however, in abandoning this particular multilateral enterprise, in which the nations of the world had invested years of effort and a great deal of passionate concern, and on which the hopes of many vulnerable countries rest, he may have unintentionally laid the groundwork for more rapid emissions reduction, even before the #ParisAgreement is implemented."

Leaving Paris

President Donald J. Trump fulfilled a campaign promise today and, in announcing that the United States would withdraw from the Paris Agreement ...

2017, June 6th - 8:38 am

Before leaving the #ParisAgreement, you should know facts - not fakes - of what you leave behind

Analysis | Fact-checking President Trump’s claims on the Paris climate change deal

The president made lots of fishy claims about the Paris Accord. Here's a roundup of his misstatements.

2017, May 23rd - 4:06 pm

The #NACAG today presented its activities and status during a side event at the #Innovate4Climate. #thegreenwerk supported the initiative with underlying analyses, which were presented. Read more at:

The Nitric Acid Climate Action Group

The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) has launched…

2017, May 22nd - 9:04 am

#thegreenwerk. is attending the #I4C in Barcelona. Today we will speak at the event "The status and prospects of project based mitigation activities after Paris Pre-2020 support for stranded projects and implications of #Article6" (Mon, May 22 2017, 15:30 to 18:00 #Innovate4Climate, Barcelona, Side Event Room 4)

2017, May 10th - 1:32 pm

We want people working on climate change... strong signal from France (very much welcome!)

Emmanuel Macron

I have a message for you guys.

2017, April 7th - 1:40 pm

the greenwerk. is preparing an online course for exploring #ClimateFinance options for South East Asian countries (India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam). Course participants are professionals from private and public institutions involved or interested in the financing of and investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, as well as project developers. The course shall help them to gain robust knowledge on existing international and domestic climate finance options. The course is being developed for the Renewables Academy (#RENAC AG) in the context of the comprehensive #GreenBanking project under the #InternationalClimateInitiative (#ICI) of the #BMUB. Read more about RENAC at Read more about the Green Banking Project: Read more about ICI:

Green Banking | RENAC International

A three-year capacity building programme on renewable energy and energy efficiency finance in the partner countries Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines,…

2017, February 27th - 12:58 pm

Enhancing Sustainable Development Benefits of future UNFCCC mechanisms the greenwerk. was commissioned by the German Environment Agency (#UBA) to assess the potential for strengthening the role of sustainable development (SD) effects in the context of activities supported by future mechanisms under the #UNFCCC. The paper serves to inform the public debate, and may also assist Parties and observers to engage with the ongoing negotiation process regarding the #Article6 mechanisms of the #ParisAgreement. The report was jointly elaborated with Southpole Group and Perspectives Climate Change, and has been recently published:

SD-Benefits in Future Market Mechanisms under the UNFCCC

Climate Change 04/2017, Environmental Research of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (UBA)

2017, January 19th - 9:27 pm


The World Meteorological Organization has just confirmed: 2016 was the hottest year on record, with a global average temperature of about 1.1°C above temperatures of the pre-industrial era. Sea ice minimum records were also broken in the Arctic and Antarctic. All this underlines the urgent need to rapidly implement the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Read more>>